Disaster Search Dog Training Manual (By Robert Milner, LtCol, USAFR -Retired- Search Team Mgr – TN TF – 1)

I write this search dog training manual at the culmination of two careers, one as a US Air Force
Reserve Disaster Response Officer and one as a dog trainer. In 1968 as a 2nd lieutenant I attended
the USAF Disaster Response Officer training school. Some years later I also attended the DOD
Nuclear Emergency Team Operations Course in New Mexico. As a 1st lieutenant, I built the
disaster response program at small radar site. After leaving active duty in 1972 I remained in the
USAF Reserve and served as a disaster response officer and later as an Emergency Operations
Officer and as a Hazmat Officer. I built disaster response programs at a major pilot training base
and at a Defense Logistics Agency Depot. Along the way, I managed the response at several
actual disasters and ran many disaster exercises.
TrainingDisasterSearchDogs.pdf (3,1 MB)